Launching our New Zealand Data Science Bootcamps

We are excited to announce our first in-person data science bootcamp 🎉

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Our first bootcamp starts in Christchurch, New Zealand on February 4th, 2024.

Kickstarter Bootcamps

Our first series of bootcamps are the Kickstarter Bootcamps - short courses designed to get you up to speed with the tools & techniques needed to work as a data professional.

The kickstarter bootcamps are designed to be accessible to everyone, with two weeks of evening remote learning, followed with two weeks of in person or remote project work.

Our first kickstarter bootcamp will be the Introduction to Python Kickstarter.

You can register your interest by emailing

Introduction to Python Kickstarter Bootcamp

A four week data science bootcamp focusing on introducing foundational Python skills.

This bootcamp is suitable for complete beginners, with no prior experience in programming or in Python.


Prior to the bootcamp, we recommend students work through our Introduction to Data Analysis pathway - one of our free, online learning pathways.

Weeks One & Two

Remote, 3 hours per day in the evening.

Week one:

  • Why Python,
  • Managing Python locally,
  • Running Python Code in the terminal, notebooks & scripts,
  • Python packages with Pip & Poetry,
  • Sharing Python Code with Git,
  • Python variables, looping & conditionals,
  • Python functions,
  • Testing with Pytest.

Week two:

  • Manipulating data with Pandas & Numpy.
  • Data visualization with Matplotlib,
  • Dashboarding with Streamlit.

Weeks Three & Four

In person or remote, 8 hours per day.

These two weeks are team based practical work - deploying a data analysis dashboard to the internet.

What Are the Classes Like?

For the first two weeks of three-hour evening classes, the three hours is split between one and two hours of lecturing with the balance as practical exercises.

For the second two weeks of full day classes, the work is entirely practical, with catchups scheduled with your teacher each day.

During the four weeks you also have the opportunity to schedule one on one sessions with your teacher to cover specific topics.

Who Will Be Teaching?

The course is run by Adam Green.

Adam is an experienced data professional, with seven years of data science and data engineering experience.

He has also spent a year running the bootcamp Data Science Retreat in Berlin, alongside teaching and mentoring data scientists for the last seven years.

What Happens After the Bootcamp?

This is the first of many bootcamps & courses Data Science South will offer - after this initial course, you will form the start of our community of data science practitioners in New Zealand, with regular catchups on our Discord.

In addition to being part of our community, all students receive a CV and cover letter review, and interview practice.

After the bootcamp, you can schedule one call per month for 12 months to ask technical or career focused questions.


Register your interest for this bootcamp by emailing After this we will schedule an interview to make sure this bootcamp is a good fit.

After the interview, you can secure your place with a $400 NZD deposit, refundable up until two weeks before the bootcamp starts. The total cost for the course is $800 NZD.

Spaces are limited to 14 on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Future Bootcamps

We plan to offer more 4 week, kickstarter bootcamps in the future:

  • Excel to Python,
  • Introduction to SQL,
  • Mastering Python,
  • Introduction to Machine Learning,
  • Large Language Models,
  • Introduction to AWS.

We plan to hold the in-person parts of these bootcamps throughout New Zealand.

We also plan to offer longer, three to four month bootcamps, focusing on data science and data engineering.

If you are interested in any of these programs (either joining a public program or holding private training at your company or university), reach out to

Thanks for reading!

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